Lieutenant John Angus Orr-Ewing

HMS Turbulent, Royal Navy

Malvern Commemoration: St James West Malvern,

Burial/Commemoration: Portsmouth Naval Memorial

Nature of Death: Killed in action at the Battle of Jutland 31/5/16

Next of Kin: Second son of Mr Malcolm H Orr-Ewing of Glen Kin, West Malvern.

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Lt John Orr-Ewing of HMS Turbulent, the second son of Mr Malcolm H Orr-Ewing of Glen Kin, West Malvern has been killed. Lt Orr-Ewing entered Osborne in 1907 and served first of the Agamemnon, he transferred to the Nottingham in 1912. At the outbreak of war he was appointed to the Zulu (a torpedo boat destroyer) and in October the following year transferred to the Alarm (another TBD). In April he was promoted Lieutenant, gaining his second stripe, and was appointed second-in-command of one of the newest destroyers, the Turbulent which was sunk with the loss of all hands fighting at Jutland.

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