Leuze Wood

A general attack was made on the German lines. The Brigade assaulted the lines immediately West of BOULEAU WOOD. As this wood was still held by the Germans the Brigade had to make a frontal attack with a hostile defensive position on the right flank. The first objective was allotted to the 1/1st London Regiment, who secured part of it. The second objective, allotted to the 7th Middlesex was not reached.

1.30 p.m.

The Battalion was ordered to attack, but half an hour after the assault was launched the order was given to dig in.

7 p.m.

The Battalion was collected in a support trench in LEUZE WOOD. Officer casualties during the day:- Killed Lt A S Carey; Wounded Captain C M Hughes, 2/Lieut R P Bunn (at duty); Captain T M Peake (Shock).

16th September 8 p.m.

The Battalion took over the front line trenches North of LEUZE WOOD and West of BOULEAUX WOOD including the captured German trench system from the 1/1st London Regiment. Officer casualties:- Killed 2/Lieut A C Batho.

War Diary of the 1/8th Middlesex Regiment Public Record Office: WO 95/2950