The Priory Church of St Mary and St Michael

Much has been written about Great Malvern and the Priory, but suffice it to say the town with its rich history was a bustling settlement by the First World War. Its major growth occurred with the coming of the water cure in the mid 19th Century, but by 1914 ‘taking the waters’ was less important in the local economy. It however remained popular with rich visitors and those wishing to retire.

The Priory supported a choir school, the Lyttelton Grammar School.

The Priory Church of Ss Mary & Michael, Great Malvern from the north ca 1930


Great Malvern Priory, Parish Office, Church Street, Malvern  WR14 2AY

Tel: 0(44)1684 561020 (answerphone)

The Memorial

The imposing memorial was designed by W.D. Caroe and features the royal arms, the shields of the diocese and county of Worcester.

The Priory Church of St Mary and St Michael Memorial

WW1 Memorial

Douglas Harry Acworth

Douglas Harry Acworth

55th Cokes Rifles

Died Egypt 16/2/19

John Arden Acworth

John Arden Acworth

1/7th Worcestershire Regiment

DOW Flanders 13/10/17

Capbadge of the Worcestershire Regiment

William Thomas Banford


3rd Worcestershire Regiment

DOW Flanders 3/8/1917

Harry Beale of Great Malvern

Harry Beale


8th Bn, The Devonshire Regiment

KIA France 9/5/17

George Brodie

George Brodie

The Seaforth Highlanders

DOW Flanders 2/8/1917

Frederick Bruton of Great Malvern

Frederick Edward Bruton

2719 / 240594

1/8th Bn, The Worcestershire Regiment

KIA France 5/4/17

Capbadge of the Monmouthshire Regiment

Arthur Bunn


The Monmouthshire Regiment

KIA Flanders 17/5/1915

Cyril Frederick CRAPP

Cyril Frederick Crapp

Royal Flying Corps

Sussex 22/5/17

Currently No Image For This Man

William Jabez Evans

Stanley Colt Faber

Stanley Colt Faber

Royal Field Artillery

KIA France 30/3/1917

Horace Boddington Gibbs, late of the Wyche

Horace Boddington Gibbs


1st Canadian Division

KIA 27/9/16

Mornington George Giles of Great Malvern

Mornington George Giles


Royal Navy

KIA Battle of Jutland 31/5/16

Capbadge of the South Wales Borderers

William Grendon


The South Wales Borderers

DOW France 7/10/1918

William George John Heath


Labour Corps

Died Home 13/2/1919

Malcolm Hutchinson House

Malcom Hutchinson House

The Rifle Brigade

KIA France 3/5/17

Alban Hudson

Alban John Benedict Hudson

The Worcestershire Regiment

KIA France 7/6/17

Capbadge of the Australian Imperial Force

Ernest Henry Huntingon


25th Australian Infantry Bn

DOW France 25/4/1916

Robert Hastings Kendle

The Suffolk Regiment

KIA Gallipoli 12/8/1915

Alfred Francis Gerald Lambert


The Worcestershire Regiment

Died Mesopotamia 18/7/1916

Capbadge of the South Wales Borderers

Joseph Albert Layland


The South Wales Borderers

Died Germany 30/1/1915

Herbert Lee

Herbert Lee


The Suffolk Regiment

France 19/3/18

Capbadge of the Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

Douglas Cecil Leeke


The Loyal North Lancashire Regiment

KIA Flanders 7/6/1917

Percy Arnold Lloyd-Jones

Percy Arnold Lloyd-Jones

Royal Army Medical Corps

DOW France 22/12/1916

Eric James Bethune Mackenzie courtesy of Malvern College

Eric James Bethune Mackenzie

Royal Field Artillery

KIA France 8/7/1916

Keith Bethune Mackenzie courtesy of Malvern College

Keith Bethune Mackenzie

The Gordon Highlanders

KIA Flanders 12/11/1914

Badge of the Royal Air Force

Ronald Charles Wybrow Morgan

Royal Flying Corps

DOW Flanders 28/7/1917

Frank Bailey Perkins

Royal Field Artillery

KIA France 19/5/17

Charles Edwin Preece


The Worcestershire Regiment

France 4/1/1917

Victor William Price

Victor William Price

The Worcestershire Regiment


Capt Henry Ellis Robinson

Henry Ellis Robinson

Royal Army Medical Corps

KIA Flanders 25/4/1918

Capt John Yate Robinson

John Yate Robinson

The North Staffordshire Regiment

DOW Home 23/8/1916

Capbadge of the 2nd King Edward's Horse

Ernest Wilmot Scallon


2nd King Edward's Horse

KIA France 23/5/1915

Capbadge of the Worcestershire Regiment

James Frederick Spilsbury


The Worcestershire Regiment

KIA France 5/10/1918

Humphrey Nisbet Swann

The Lincolnshire Regiment

DOW France 4/4/1917

Reginald Paul Thomson

Reginald Paul Thompson

Somerset Light Infantry

DOW Flanders 9/8/1916

John Walter Tipton

John Walter Tipton


The Worcestershire Regiment

KIA France 5/4/17

Edgar William Venner

The Manchester Regiment

KIA France 9/7/16

Capbadge of the Gloucestershire Yeomanry

William John Walker


Gloucestershire Yeomanry

KIA Egypt 23/4/1916

US Corps Engineers

Harry Martin Windsor

112th Regiment of Engineers US Army

Died France 20/11/1918

25th London Cyclists

Richard Hartland Woods

Kings Royal Rifle Corps

KIA Flanders 4/12/1917

Cap badge of the Worcestershire Regiment

Charles Gilbert Andre Wylde


The Worcestershire Regiment

KIA France 21/5/1915