All Saints Church, The Wyche

The Wyche consists of Upper Wyche (on the Wyche Road) and Lower Wyche (adjacent to the Wells Road) – a cutting was made through the hills here in 1836 and a number of small quarries provided work for a growing number of labourers; the construction of the railway tunnel through the Hills in the 1860s also provided extra work. Many labourers cottages sprang up on the steep hill slopes and inns also opened to meet the demand of the thirsty residents. The settlement on the Herefordshire side of the Wyche Cutting is also colloquially known as Upper Wyche, though it is in fact Upper Colwall – with many people moving from one county to another, a number of men feature on the Wyche and Colwall memorials. The Church of England was a late comer here, with the present church, All Saints, not replacing a Mission hut near the cutting until 1903. The area where the church was built was once known as the ‘Cinderella of the Malverns’ where many gypsies and squatters lived in the late 19th Century; it was the last gift of common land from Lady Foley, and was donated by Sir Henry Foley Grey in 1900. The church was designed in Malvern stone by Arthur Troyte Griffith (friend of Sir Edward Elgar to whom an Enigma Variation was dedicated) and has an apsidal chancel (see the picture above) and a small bell turret. This church now serves Malvern Wells parish as well since the closure of St Peter’s, Malvern Wells.

All Saints Church, The Wyche
The Wyche from the Wyche Cutting


The Memorial

The Memorial is located within the church at the west end.

WW1 Memorial

Albert Somers Bray


2/8th Bn, The Worcestershire Regiment

KIA Flanders 27/8/1917

William Albert Bruton

William Albert Bruton


1st Bn, The Royal Welsh Fusiliers

KIA Flanders 26/10/17

Albert Caines

Albert George Caines


The Herefordshire Regiment

KIA Palestine 27/3/1917

Charles Garbett of the Wyche

Charles Garbett


Royal Highlanders of Canada

DOW France 15/08/16

Ernest Garbett late of the Wyche.

Ernest George Garbett


Royal Montreal Regiment


Capbadge of the Royal Engineers

Allen Harbage


Royal Engineers

KIA Flanders 23/9/1917

Capbadge of the Army Service Corps

Walter Victor Jones


Army Service Corps

Died Mesopotamia 13/11/1918

Capbadge of the Welsh Regiment

William Arthur Jones


The Welsh Regiment

KIA France 10/7/1916

Royal Navy

Harold Reuben Joyner


Royal Navy

Killed at Sea 19/8/1915

Capbadge of the Gloucestershire Regiment

Joseph William King


The Gloucestershire Regiment

KIA France 23/10/1916

Capbadge of the Kings Shropshire Light Infantry

Frederick George Powell


King's Shropshire Light Infantry

KIA France 27/9/1918

Rowland George Shephard


Machine Gun Corps

Died Sickness France 27/2/17

William Harold Surrell


South Wales Borderers

DOW France 23/10/18

Capbadge of the Royal Artillery

Charles Robert Sutton


Royal Field Artillery

Died Home 21/10/1914